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With over 10 years experience teaching Calisthenics, Jermaine has become one of the UK’s leading Calisthenics coaches. He has an incredible passion for the sport which led to him founding Cali Kulture.


In addition his teaching credentials Jermaine has also competed as an athlete and was the UK & Ireland Calisthenics Champion in the Heavyweight division, in 2017 & 2018 and runner up in the Kalos Sthenos Championships in 2021 & 2022. Jermaine is also a creative, he taught himself how to graphic design in his late teens and now is the main Videographer/photographer for Cali Kulture which is another passion of his.


You can expect a warm and welcoming energy in Jermaine’s classes. He has a laid back but encouraging approach that make his classes a great place for you to learn authentic Calisthenics in a progressive way that will see you break through your mental and physical barriers.


In his spare time Jermaine enjoys watching Anime and Fantasy TV Shows and Movies. Jermaine is also massively into sports and spends a large portion of his spare time watching Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Athletics, Football, MMA, Formula 1 and of course Calisthenics.

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Lucy has nearly 25 years experience in the fitness industry. During her career, she has studied various disciplines to deepen her understanding of different movement practices. Finally finding her true passion in Calisthenics, she combines her background in more traditional fitness training with the body control of pilates and the exacting approach to alignment of Iyengar yoga.

Motivated by the high that she felt herself when achieving new skills like pull up, handstand, splits or pancake (all achieved in her forties post children) she easily empathises with her students whatever their level, whatever skill they are chasing, and at whatever point on their journey they may be. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and her classes are fun, friendly, safe spaces to be. Driven by her core belief that movement should be inclusive, she is sensitive to the needs of each individual student and specialises in creating work arounds for students who maybe stuck or injured. Her classes are very supportive place to be, where students not only learn from her but also from each other. Expect to be challenged and work hard but in an achievable, satisfying way.

In her spare time she likes watching detective movies with her kids, eating asian food and going on holiday as often as possible!

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Having gone through the journey of being a total beginner to being a competing athlete now, Kelly can deeply relate to the struggles and triumphs individuals might face at different stages of their Calisthenics journey. She is a big advocate of not just physically training one’s body but also focusing on one’s mindset, regarding it to be important to work on both aspects together.


Kelly brings a lively and light-hearted approach to training, believing in hard work but also never taking anything too seriously. You can expect the same energy in her classes where she’ll push you to work hard in a fun way.


In the past, Kelly has worked in the fashion and design industry, once running a brand which rented out curated vintage shoes to editorial shoots and music videos. She loves to crossover this side of her with her calisthenics life, preferring to experiment and play with colours and fits- a reflection of her playful attitude in life. She is known amongst the Cali Culture team to always show up in something some might consider wacky.

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From as early as he can remember, Sobhan has always found freedom in his movement. His constant desire to stay active allowed him to enjoy the learning process of various sports and frequently discover new ways of using his body.


When he discovered Calisthenics in 2019, Sobhan noticed that many of the same principles apply and was determined to take on the challenges of true bodyweight strength training. Building muscle, endurance and skill without any impact on the body became highly addictive, and now Sobhan has committed to the sport as well as helping others along their journey to achieve their goals and feel at their best. 


He brings a precise and functional approach to his classes, keeping a close eye on technique, and making sure that his clients build a solid base to progress upon, whilst also creating a fun and supportive atmosphere for everyone to engage in. 


Beyond his dedication to Calisthenics, Sobhan enjoys keeping up with his favourite sports, socialising with friends, travelling to new places, and unwinding with a film or tv series at home.

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Anna is a calisthenics and movement enthusiast with a background in dancing. 


Anna’s calisthenics journey started 3 years ago when the pandemic forced the dance studios to close and she discovered the outdoor calisthenic bars at the park. She felt the connection with the sport straight away and enjoyed the community aspect of being surrounded by people who will support you to be better. With hard work and commitment, she quickly started to achieve skills and strength goals that she did not feel would ever be possible. 


She has come a long way since then, and in the space of 3 years has accrued incredible experience working intensely and closely alongside some of the best athletes and mentors in the field. 


Remembering well what it feels like to be a beginner, Anna’s focus is on driving technique and form, and its importance in building the foundation needed for all skills. 


In Anna’s classes you should expect to build confidence, strength and achieve your goals all whilst having fun.

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