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Founded by Jermaine Straker in 2020 but the concept for Cali Kulture was created way before that. After years of practicing Calisthenics Jermaine recognised 2 things in the sport 1. that most people practicing Calisthenics were men under 30 and 2. that most classes offering Calisthenics were either offering a sub par Calisthenics or something entirely that didn’t even resemble Calisthenics. So he began his mission to make quality authentic Calisthenics available to everyone. In February 2018 He was given an opportunity to teach Calisthenics at BLOK London one of the biggest fitness studios in London, he seized that opportunity and started building the community that still exists today. Within a year Jermaine had build a group of strong women and men which exceeded his initial goals. Not content with that he then set about planning his first ever competition, the first all female Calisthenics competition ever held in the UK. CALLOS was created along friend Daisy Hughes and with the help of Lululemon the Callos championships were held in November of 2019. 


After this Jermaine knew he had created something special but was limited by the fitness studios he was teaching at so then agreed terms at Metabolic London to run his own Calisthenics academy with over 10 classes a week. Unfortunately on the week of launch Covid-19 hit and the world went into lockdown and academy never launched. 



During this time Jermaine then created his own online platform to teach Calisthenics from for all of the students he had taught over the years. It was at this moment he realised how much his community loved Calisthenics. The commitment that his students showed by turning up to class week in week out, spending hundreds of pounds in equipment was nothing short of amazing. In addition to that, the friendships that had been made within the community was something truly special. This was more than just Calisthenics, it was a lifestyle, a kulture! 


In the summer of 2020 Cali Kulture was created, inspired by the friendships and community that Jermaine had built since 2018. 


In 2021 Cali Kulture launched their Calisthenics academy with Metabolic London. Cali Kulture now have over 15 classes a week, in 2 locations. With 6 coaches.

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