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With over 10 years experience practising Calisthenics, Jermaine is one of the UK’s leading Calisthenics coaches. He has an incredible passion for the discipline and his knowledge of Calisthenics is second to none.


In addition to that Jermaine was the UK & Ireland Calisthenics Champion in the Heavyweight division, which he won in 2017 & 2018. He is also the founder of CALLOS, the UK's first all female Calisthenics competition that took place in 2019. 


Jermaine’s goal is to provide real authentic Calisthenics training to individuals of any level and most importantly to provide individuals with progressive training that will see them break through mental and physical barriers and help them to learn new skills. 

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Lucy brings 20 years experience and a multi disciplinary approach to her teaching.


Her warmth and passion for Calisthenics is contagious. Her classes are fun and challenging without being intimidating, strong on detail and form focused. Expect a great deal of hands on adjustments accompanied by personalised instructions and drills ensuring progression whatever your starting point.

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Juan was born in Dolores, BA, Argentina where he grew up and studied till he was 16 y/o. At that age Juan already knew that sports was his passion. Juan started travelling and played semi-pro Basketball for about 5 years, which is what helped him to learn the values he now has and it is what taught him to appreciate the art of discipline at a very young age.


At the age of 20, Juan began a career in modelling and since has travelled the world, because he moved around so often the only way he could stay in shape was to do push ups, pull ups and abs exercises. Without even realising he was already doing calisthenics progressively he started to evolve and discovered moves like muscle ups, planche & levers, and as a competitive person, he pushed himself to to achieve the “impossible” skills.


Today, Juan is a Certified Calisthenics Coach (FESWC) currently developing a whole bodyweight training movement with clients all over the world. 

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Kelly is a Calisthenics coach. Having trained strictly under the Cali Kulture method which emphasises on authentic Calisthenics training,


Kelly provides structured coaching to individuals. Her students will be given progressive training to help them gain not only strength but better body awareness and new skills. Having gone through the journey of being a total beginner to being a competing athlete now, Kelly can deeply relate to the struggles and triumphs individuals might face at different stages of their Calisthenics journey. She brings a fun and light-hearted approach to training, believing in hard work but also never taking anything too seriously. She has a great passion for the discipline and is excited to help any individual start their Calisthenics journey.

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After making his venture into the fitness industry 3 years ago, Sobhan has worked in some of UK’s most prestigious studios. 


His precise and functional approach stems from his boxing background, which has allowed him to understand the importance of technique, skill and discipline. With these principles in place, his transition into Calisthenics has come naturally, compounded by a strong passion for the sport.

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